Sports Uniform


Sports UniformSchool Sports Uniforms:  All studenst from Prep to Grade 6 are allocated to a House.  Sports Tops are available for purchase at the Uniform Shop (on line) in the respective colour.

When should the Sports Uniform be worn?  Students should wear their Sports Top on the day that they have Physical Education (P.E.).  They will wear the top for the full day.  Students will also wear their Sports Uniform on sporting days such as the Cross Country, Athletics and Tabloid Sports Days. 

Having a Sports Uniform is a great way to develop team spirit and also encourages students to be organised and prepared for Physical Education, Sport and exercise.  Quite often students come to Physical Education classes with inappropriate shoes and dress, which makes it very difficult for them to fully participate in the class.  By having a Sports Uniform we hope that all students will experience the maximum benefit from our fabulous sporting program at Mont Albert Primary.