In 2013 MAPS was successful in their application for a two year grant to train and provide funding for two Specialist Science teachers. The grant allowed for two part time teachers for two years.

The Science program has grown and developed since then, so much so, that in 2017 Science has become a full time Specialist program, incorporating a dedicated Science room. Every student, from Foundation to Year 6, will be provided with Science as an integral part of their curriculum each term. Foundation – Year 2 students have a 40 minute lesson each week, whilst Years 3 – 6 have an 80 minute lesson every two weeks. The Science program is designed to develop, in students, specific science understanding, relevant to the unit being studied, an appreciation of science as a human endeavour and science inquiry skills. 

Over the four terms each year level will explore, through investigations and hands-on activities, a unit in Biological, Chemical, Physical and Earth & Space Science.  STEM based units, which require students to find solutions to given problems using Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, will gradually be introduced throughout the year.

With the inclusion of coding as part of sessions from Term 2 we are beginning to lay a foundation for the introduction of Robotics, for all year levels, later on this year.



The popularity of the weekly Science Club continues to exceed expectations. Each Wednesday lunchtime, students who opt to attend, are engaged by an experiment or activity which they carry out in pairs or small groups. This is followed by a brief explanation of the Science involved.  Due to the immense numbers of students wishing to attend this extra-curricula activity, we have found it necessary to offer Science Club to students in Year 4, 5 & 6 during Term 2, Year 2 & 3 during Term 3 and students in Foundation & Year 1 during Term 4.


Some of our more popular Science Club experiments have been:


  •  Fake Snow & Water Marbles (Super Absorbent Polymers)
  •  Fizzy Sherbet
  •  Vinegar rubbery egg
  •  Peppery skin
  •  Elephant's Toothpaste
  •  Exploding lunch bag
  •  Leak proof bag (poking skewers through a bag full of water – without spilling a drop!) 
  •  The BEST slime ever
  •  Making crystals 

Find out how to make Fizzy Sherbet


Find out how to make Elephant Toothpaste


Elephant toothpaste photos