English as an Additional Language (EAL)

 EAL 1

Junior Level

The focus of EAL is to support students in developing their ability to communicate effectively in English, during social and learning situations. They participate in a variety of activities and co-operative games, which allow them to practice social interactions, such as exchanging greetings and personal information. Students join in shared reading activities and explored different picture storybooks and identified different linguistic structures and features of these texts, such as rhyming words and adjectives. Students write short texts, which communicate their ideas and experiences.


Middle and Senior Level

The focus of EAL is to develop understanding and use spoken English in a variety of contexts. Students are involved in group activities and co-operative games, to improve their ability to communicate effectively with their peers in social interactions.  Students have been involved in shared reading and have focused on the linguistic structures and features within these texts, such as plurals, adjectives and the use of punctuation, for example, apostrophes of contraction. They discuss different texts, make predictions about likely events, express a personal point of view and make connections with their own experience. Students write simple texts, which communicate personal opinions and experiences. They focus on attending to the punctuation and grammar and are beginning to proof read their writing.