Student Leadership


Student Leadership at Mont Albert Primary School is based on the philosophical belief that we need to:

  • Provide a wide variety of leadership opportunities which cater for all students’ interests
  • Maximise the number of students undertaking leadership roles
  • Ensure that opportunities for student leadership are rotated amongst students
  • Provide appropriate ‘leadership’ role models for students.

Leadership positions across the school from Foundations to Year 6 are offered through our Junior School Council and Environmental Action Group.

Year 6 Leadership Positions

Leadership is a major component of the teaching and learning program in Year 6. During allocated sessions students fulfil their leadership responsibilities within their team and direct correlation to their particular role description.

School Captains and House and Vice Captains are expected to attend the Young Leaders’ Conference; lead and conduct School Assemblies; lead School Tours and speak with school visitors and guests such as overseas Principals and teachers who often visit our school.

All Year 6 students participate in the Foundations/Prep Buddy Program.

Year 6 Leadership positons include:

School Captains

House and Vice Captains

Social Service Captains

Sports Monitors

Library Captains

Visual Arts Monitors

Performing Arts and Music Captains

Language Captains

Chess Captains