School Profile


Mont Albert Primary School serves the educational needs of families in a pleasant residential area of Mont Albert and Mont Albert North. The school was established in 1917 and from 1919 until the early 1960’s served as a central school drawing students from a wide catchment area.

The present enrolment of 720 students is accommodated in 31 fully air-conditioned classrooms with the additional facilities of a resource centre/library, a multi-purpose hall, a well-equipped art room,  a canteen, extensive outdoor play areas and adventure playgrounds and an Out of Hours Care Program.

Mont Albert Primary School is an outstanding learning community. The school presents as a welcoming and energetic environment, where respect to all is shown and learning is central. Teachers develop a love of learning in their students by being engaging and promoting individual excellence and developing social competencies. The school celebrates successes and thinks creatively about the future possibilities and opportunities to improve student-learning outcomes.

Mont Albert Primary School provides a balanced curriculum featuring quality, sequential programs.  The Victorian Essential Learning Standards are used to plan teaching and learning programs. Particular emphasis is placed upon the development of Literacy, Numeracy and ICT knowledge and skills. Specialist teachers deliver programs in Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Physical Education, Italian/Japanese, Library/Technology Resource Centre, Reading Recovery and EAL.

Students are encouraged to use active techniques (experiments, real-world problem solving) to create more knowledge and then to reflect on and talk about what they are doing and how their understanding is changing. The teacher makes sure he/she understands the students' pre-existing conceptions and guides the activity to address these and then build on them.

Teachers at Mont Albert encourage students to constantly assess how the activity is helping them gain understanding. By questioning themselves and their strategies, students ideally become "expert learners." This gives them ever-broadening tools to keep learning. With a well-planned classroom environment, the students learn HOW TO LEARN.MAPS students

Mont Albert Primary School’s achievement data suggests it is high performing. The teaching staff constantly review the curriculum and effective classroom strategies. Teachers successfully cater for individual differences and different learning styles. Data is shared and acted upon. Teachers adhere to agreed values and beliefs and they take informed risks by trialling new initiatives and strategies. Professional learning is relevant and meaningful and has a direct relationship with classroom practice. Emphasis has been placed on increasing teacher capacity in pedagogical and content knowledge. Teachers are committed to promoting inquiry, collaboration, cooperation, self-responsibility and personal development. The community spirit – the relationship between students, teachers and parents is very strong. The extension Maths program caters for students requiring acceleration and enhancement of concept understandings. A DET two year Science Specialist Grant in 2013 allowed for the explicit teaching of Science. Electronic interactive whiteboards are in every classroom. Tablets and laptops enhance student learning.

With regard to student engagement and wellbeing, recent Student Attitudes to School Survey data reveals very positive perceptions held by students in relation to Wellbeing, Teaching and Learning and Student Relationships – all reported measures are at or well above the state 75th percentile mark. These are excellent indicators and reflect continuous improvement. Mont Albert Primary School students are engaged and challenged in the classroom.

Restorative practices address a range of student welfare issues, proactively establishing programs to develop and enhance social competencies and student leadership. Parent and staff opinion survey data over the past four years has reflected a school which is continually looking to improve, both within and outside the classroom, generally stimulating classrooms and sound student behaviour.

The school’s belief in strong parent-school partnerships has continued to enable parents to participate in all aspects of school life. This partnership promotes a cooperative school culture, where a spirit of mutual respect is evident. Parent and community participation complements and extends the quality programs provided by the staff.

Extensive staff training and Professional Development programs have continued to allow a commitment to continuous improvement in maximising student achievements.

Mont AlbertPrimarySchoolhas had a profile of performance that continues to place the school amongst the top government schools in the State. Student achievement and learning growth continue to be very strong, the result of well-planned programs and the effort and commitment of the staff. Extensive enrichment and enhancement opportunities, and the supportive and caring atmosphere of the school, develop both the students’ special skills and talents. Cooperative and democratic decision making and concern for others are emphasised and valued by the whole school community.

Mont Albert Primary School strives to develop a love of learning by providing an effective and engaging learning community, which promotes individual excellence and develops social competencies. 

The school promotes the values of: We Strive to L.E.A.R.N. - Learn, Endeavour, Aspire, Respect and Nurture


  • L e a r n 

  • E n d e a v o u r
  • A s p i r e
  • R e s p e c t
  • Nu t u r e


 Team Purpose statements
The flight deck of communication, coordination and connection.

Specialist Teachers
Enhancing the life of every student by maximising diverse pathways so that they experience success, confidence and embrace opportunities.

We encourage and support every student’s enthusiasm and learning in a safe and relevant play rich environment.

Junior School
Every child, every opportunity to:
Succeed and celebrate success
Motivate themselves and each other
Initiate and investigate
Live, laugh and learn
Embrace change and challenges

Middle School
Together we provide rich opportunities for students to explore their self awareness and independence, maximising growth in all areas.

Senior School
We broaden the social and academic experience of all students to develop their life long skills as effective community members.