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Here are some photos of things that have been happening in the Junior School. These photos include classroom activities, incursions, and special events.



Maths in the Junior School is hands on, open ended, linked to everyday situations, collaborative and fun!

Year 1 Maths


Year 1 Maths


Year 1 Maths


Inquiry Learning


Butterfly Incursion

This term, the Junior students are investigating the question, 'How do Living Things Change in a Rainforest?'

Last week, we had a visit from Sharon, the butterfly lady. Sharon taught us all about the life cycle of butterflies. Butterflies lay eggs, hatch into caterpillars, turn into a chrysalis and emerge as a butterfly.

Some of us got to dress up as a butterfly. Did you know that butterflies can see 200 times more than us?


We got to go into a tent and hold live butterflies and watch them eat! We learnt lots of cool facts about butterflies. Did you know that butterflies drink nectar using their proboscis? Butterflies breathe through holes in their wings. Male Monarch butterflies have a black spot on their wings are females do not. 



Olden Day Games

During Term 1, Junior School students learned about how people's lives have changed. We went outside and had fun playing some games including skittles, quoits, hopscotch, elastics and skipping!


Olden day games