All students at Mont Albert from Prep to Year 6 are involved in the Italian Program. 
Prep -Year 2 have one 40 minute session per week.

Year 3 - Year 6 students have an 80 minute session each fortnight.

Italian language and culture is also learned through a variety of activities including games, songs and plays.

Some Italian activities we offer:

  • Italian Week activities
  • Pen pal program with a school in Italy
  •  The use of technology is incorporated into lessons, whenever possible
  • Cooking
  • Participation in Poetry, Drama and Poster Competitions
  • Extension and remedial help for students
  • Performances at assembly and special occasions


Italian Day will be on Thursday  20th July, 2017.







Japanese Photo

In second semester, students in Year 5 and 6 study basic Japanese language and culture.


The Japanese program is designed to allow students to have the experience of learning an Asian language, as well as learning about a different culture. The Japanese program includes basic greetings and introduction, kanji Japanese numbers 1 - 100, colours and common phrases. Students will also learn some hiragana through songs and language quizzes.


Japanese Photos