The School Library Resource Centre provides all students with materials and services that they require for both their education and recreational needs.

These resources include a comprehensive selection of fiction, non-fiction, picture story books, magazines, computer software, audio cassettes, CD ROM’s  VHS, DVD, board games, teacher reference materials and various educational packages.

Every class has a weekly 40 minute lesson in order to promote the love of reading and support the curriculum and the Victorian Curriculum Standards.


Comuter Resource


Computer Resource area


Library Aims

  •  To be the cultural, recreational and reference centre for the whole school. 
  •  To coordinate the selection, acquisition and organization of resources to support the curriculum of the school.  
  •  To provide a wide variety of materials, that will enrich and support the curriculum.  
  •  To provide materials that will stimulate growth in factual knowledge, Literacy appreciation, aesthetic values and ethical standards.  


The aims of the Library Teaching Program

Reading area


Reading corner

Reading areas

To ensure that by the end of primary school each child: 

  •  Has developed an enjoyment of language. 
  •  Has been given encouragement to learn to read and to love reading. 
  •  Has been introduced to a wide variety of literature. 
  •  Can select appropriate resources for their needs. 
  •  Can locate information using catalogues, indexes, glossaries and table of contents. 
  •  Uses located information for meaningful understanding of the world around them. 
  •  Develops personal and interpersonal skills in using library materials. 
  •  Finds information in variety of forms, printed matter, computer software, audio cassettes, pictures and videos. 
  •  Finds information from a variety of sources, school library, public library, home, videos, television, newspapers, Internet and observation. 


The Mont Albert Library


Class session 

The library comprises of teaching and study areas with chairs and tables, and a reading pit. There is a large audio visual area with a mounted ceiling projector and large screen area and computer hubs.

There is a teacher/librarian work room, containing computers for cataloguing, a laminator and teacher references.  The library is also opened at lunchtimes and before / after school.

The computers are networked and accessed during lessons and lunch times.  Students use the computers for research work as well as locating information books and reference materials